What is Mutan.one ?

Mutan.one is a platform for creating NFT minting websites. NFT creators must have NFT from us as a blue-chip to build the minting website page.

Why did we make this? We have seen so far, to creating an NFT minting website is not easy for NFT Creators. because not all NFT Creators understand coding or deploying a website, unless they have their own team.

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What is Mutan NFT ?

Mutan NFT is an original NFT from Mutan.one. With this Mutan NFT you can build your minting website instantly and without coding.

The name Mutan itself is inspired by creatures like monsters that can mutate. We hope the Mutan NFT can become digital assets that can mutate later.

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How It Works ?
  1. Creators must have NFT from us

  2. Creators can create the minting websites with purchased NFT

  3. Stake NFT as a guarantee for the web hosting

  4. Creators can choose the appearance for the minting website

  5. NFTs can be unstaked and sold on secondary market, but minting website service will automatically off

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How to get Mutan NFT ?

You can mint from mutan.one

How much minting Mutan NFT ?

1500 ONE

What can you do with the Mutan NFT?
  • Mutan Creator is the name for NFT creators who want to sell their NFT.

  • Mutan Monster is the name for NFT creators who want to be partners with Mutans.

  • Mutan Polang is the name for the Official Mutan NFT holders who invite creators to join as Mutan Creators.

Can I Resell Mutan NFT ?

Yes, it can sell mutan NFT on secondary market.

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